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A Higher State of Consciousness

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

It’s Christmas day 2021 and to be honest, outside of my social media following and the remaining family members that I communicate with, it’s just another day. Another day in the life of a person on a beautiful journey of doing his best to rebuild himself from the inside out. A journey that started many moons ago, looking up at the top of a massive mountain with an understanding that it can be accomplished by putting one foot in front of the other. I blamed the “Boot of Life” for kicking me back down this mountain at first but came to realize that it was my boot kicking my own ass. Writing my book and literally re-writing it again clarified so many things for me in my personal and professional life. The things that I had a deep hunger for but wasn’t connected with myself enough to reciprocate to a partner. That kind of connection that you can stare deep into their eyes and find a higher state of consciousness. Not looking up at them standing on a pedestal or looking down from yours.

When I started this journey of authenticity, I found that I lost connection with some people in my life but gained connection with others. People who had the same desires, hopes, dreams and hunger to find the higher state of consciousness. That place that money can’t buy. The place that I tried to get to so many times when my addictions got the best of me. The chemical high from the MDMA pills was a new sensation of emotion that opened a door of communication for me that had never been opened. However, that part of my journey didn’t take me to the destination I was looking for.

Through an un-hazed reality, I changed directions on this journey of mine a few times, but especially in these last 2 years. Detaching from distraction, I slowly, but surely started to break some of the chains in my brain which held me back from my climb with a deep understanding as to why they were there in the first place. Slowly, but surely, those pedestals started to even out in my personal and professional life, improving my vibration and getting me closer to my destination to find the un-hazed higher state of consciousness. The place where like attracts like and you are perfectly aligned with someone willing to go where you go. Maybe they have even walked in some of your footsteps.

Many moons ago, I told one of my closest friends that when I finally found harmony through aligning with my values, I would attract another butterfly looking for the higher state of consciousness. The kind that will fly with or without you, but you are willing to walk through fire to save her from flying in it. Admittedly, I have struggled with eye contact at times, not living authentically, selling something that I wasn’t for all the wrong reasons, not being vulnerable enough to expose my imperfections.

In a world falling apart in many ways, I have never felt so solid. Not just because another butterfly just few across my path, but because I fully understand that this life is temporary. I unapologetically continue my journey to find the higher state of consciousness. Relationships and creating memories are the derivatives of life in my opinion. I’m looking forward to that view at the top one day with the patience to keep putting one foot in front of the other with determination, never letting go of the dream of finding the elusive, yet attainable higher state of consciousness when every day is Christmas day.

Corey Laine Hilton - Author and Introspective Influencer

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