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How my editor became the friend who would change my life.

Today is a special day for my editor/coach/friend, Diana Reyers. Her book, Around The Table - Escaping The Cycle Of Insanity launched on Amazon and has already hit the top 10. I couldn't be more proud of her for writing her story because you would never know what this lady has endured by the confident, passionate, authentic person in this picture. I had the honor of writing a testimonial for her biography and I wanted to share it with you...

This beautifully written story opened my eyes to Diana’s reality of an understandable struggle with acceptance and unworthiness many cannot comprehend. Her descriptions of necessary distraction to avoid inevitable trauma brought me along on this journey with an injected humour, relating to what she was going through in moments of chaos which others referred to as normality. It was like she was describing a story from centuries past based on family tradition and ideology, which understandably took its toll regarding self-identity and self- worth. With descriptive focus, she brought me with her, bringing out multiple emotions in the process through a strict yet skewed upbringing, which in my view, is not relative to the modern era. After reading “Around the Table,” I will never look at a glass of milk the same. Ironically, I have a hard time “Forgetting about it,” and I can guarantee you will too.

Corey Laine Hilton, Bestselling Author

Take it Off: Revelations of a Male Exotic Dancer

Authenticity Coach & Introspective Influencer

I met Diana through my brother from another mother, Mike Chisholm and his fabulous wife, Candy. I could go on for days about these two. They had a story that they dared to share about the struggle they endured due to their granddaughter, Elara having cancer at a very young age. I have always been inspired by them because they authentically and passionately live life while serving others in the process. This world needs more Mike and Candy's.

As Mike followed my journey over multiple Monday coffee meetings, he saw that I was serious about pursuing my dream of being an author and he connected me with Diana after taking the time to determine if we would be a fit to work together. I'm so grateful that he did. I had no idea that that connection would change the game.

Without Diana's guidance, my book would never have been the same. She not only changed my writing, but she helped me to set a new standard in my life to live by. She systematically helped me inject emotions into my writing. In fact, I wouldn't have been able to write my previous post, For the love of dog, why? without her training. I learned awareness, emotional intelligence, understanding my inner critic, navigating through transitions, integrating the 3 centres of intelligence being the heart, body and mind, setting boundaries, having inner balance and clarifying my values and the feelings that represented them.

Authenticity ain't easy, but it's liberating. It has allowed me to be a better person because I was willing to walk through the fire. I met other authors willing to do the same thing and they are all close friends of mine now. Why? Because they are like me. They are willing to be vulnerable, to be real, to be authentic.

If you happen to have stumbled across this post, I ask you to support authors who are willing to walk through the fire so that their story, their struggle can help others to not suffer like they did. We all have our struggles in life, but surrounding yourself with authentic, genuine people is infectious and allows you to respect other's perceptions. It also allows you to get real feedback about your strengths and your weaknesses. I learned these things through my friend Diana and for that, I am forever grateful because educating myself about myself is something that can never be taken away from me.

Please support Diana's book launch by going to the below link:

As well, please subscribe to my blog for updates on upcoming events and course launches right around the corner!

Much love fam... I appreciate you.

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Debra Rachar
Debra Rachar
27 de abr. de 2022

WOW! Thanks for writing this post. I feel the same about Diana and commend you for having a space to recognize your love and support for her. I will sign up to receive your posts.

Respondendo a

Hey Debra! Didn’t see this till now, but thank you for the comment. Definitely no regrets for sure!

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