Top 40 Learning Experiences from 2021 by Corey Laine Hilton

Updated: Apr 27

· I now use social media instead of letting social media use me

· Writing a book allowed me to live as my authentic self instead of trying to sell something that I was not

· Everything is temporary, so regardless of how long I have on this planet, I am committed to living my best life with fantastic people by my side

· The mess in my message can impact hundreds if not thousands of people who struggle with unworthiness and self-worth.

· My bad days are nothing compared to what so many others must deal with.

· Perfection is bullshit, but progression is essential

· To get the job done right, I don’t have to do it alone

· Success leaves clues and I have found a few

· I can never have true love in my life until I am the best version of myself

· If I disagree with someone, I can still respect their perspective

· Clarifying my values and the emotional feelings connected to them has made me a better man personally and professionally

· I have lost a few people living authentically, but I have gained a few others and it feels good

· Losing my boxer dog Kya was the hardest/best decision of my life

· My family is not perfect, but I am beyond grateful for the family that I still have while honoring the memory of the ones I do not

· Being vulnerable and revealing my truth has set me free from the prison in my mind

· The value of worth is far more important than status

· Risking pain by opening my heart is essential to find the higher state of consciousness

· Detachment allowed me to have a dog like focus to make the necessary steps to get to my destination

· Comparing myself to others is a blueprint for disaster

· I really enjoy doing podcasts and meeting cool people all over the world

· Yoga continues to undo mental and physical damage from my past life

· People who have known me for years normalize me; people who have never met me see my greatness

· Getting out of my comfort zone and being bold is the only way I can get what I want out of this life

· The words that held me back from my past will never hold me back again because I realize they were not speaking to me, but to themselves

· I still have faith in humanity because there is a silent majority of good people and a loud minority of bad ones

· When feelings of lack and self-doubt consume me, I can break free of those limiting beliefs leading with faith over fear

· My life has been a rollercoaster ride that most cannot comprehend, but I have created value taking that ride

· Regardless of who it is, I appreciate people’s support in my journey, but I don’t need it to succeed

· I like sappy songs that others may puke over

· Holding my emotions in will eventually break me

· I am grateful for the pain I have experienced in my life because it has taught me my most important lessons, but pain still sucks

· Investing in myself is the best investment I have ever made, and it can never be taken away from me

· You cannot talk Butterfly language with Caterpillar people

· It doesn’t have to be a new year to solidify a resolution that could change your life

· There are some days when journaling is my only release

· My truth has set me free

· Life is about creating memories and building fantastic relationships

· I may be older, but I am far from old

· I am unique, I have value, I am worthy.

· You are unique, you have value, you are worthy

Much love for 2022! Let's get it!

Corey Laine Hilton

Author and Introspective Influencer

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