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Take It Off –-Revelations of a Male Exotic Dancer is a unique and colourful biography of Corey Laine Hilton’s 25-year journey in the male exotic dance industry which brought him to the top of his industry in Canada and merges into his transition to a new world of dancing in the US. He reveals unknown truths about what it took to be an entertainer in Canada and the reality under the spotlight in the Southern US at one of the largest nightclubs in North America without political correctness or religious ideology. This is his raw truth based on his ten core values and how he  overcame his self- worth struggle through introspection and authenticity which liberated him by taking off the layers long after he chose to put his clothes back on.

Corey’s raw, unfiltered account of his career as a male dancer gives us a glimpse into a life many of us will never experience—yet it feels so relatable. Take It Off is a wild ride; a long and crazy journey to a meaningful and purpose-driven life. 


~Jeff Felten Marketing Strategist, Content Remedy

A raw and unfiltered look into the oily, muscled up world of male exotic dancing that is equal parts fascinating—glowing shampoo mishaps! Tied off erections! International steroid capers!—and inspiring—the power of discipline; the value of self-worth—TAKE IT OFF is a truly wild ride, y’all.

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~Trae Crowder, “The Liberal Redneck”, Comedian

Corey’s book Take It Off, is an authentic read sharing the life of a man shedding his old masculine ways stepping into his authentic skin. An interesting and inspiring book to see through the lens of an ex exotic dancer. A definite must read.

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~Velva Dawn

Silver, Author

Reviews: Take it Off

What Readers Are Saying

The Author shares deeply about his personal journey through an industry and lifestyle some could only image. Albeit totally relatable and stirring for anyone willing to look at their own past and try to make sense of it. A must read as it exemplifies the common threads of human struggles for connection and societal pressures/perceptions during the past few decades. A raw look through the lens of a man developed by experience and openness to change. Showcasing the innate power of positivity and desires we all have to find value in this world are exemplified in this well written book. A stripping of the ego so to speak, with an arrival at ones one naked truths at the end. Entertaining, eye opening and highlights emotional maturity of wisdom gained through reflection of experience. Transformational in essence, and encourages the reader to look at their own masks created by stereotypical gender roles and exostensial pressures. A freeing perspective of self acceptance, forgiveness and the power of clarity through compassionate inquiry and love. A 5 star book! - Tracey MacLellan on
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